Sophienhöhle 2021

One of the most beautiful show caves in Germany.

The Sophienhöhle is a natural karst cave near Kirchahorn, a district of the Upper Franconian municipality of Ahorntal in the Bayreuth district in Bavaria.

The stalactite cave is located on the northwestern edge of the Ailsbach valley, not far from Rabenstein Castle in Franconian Switzerland. It was discovered during excavations in 1833 and has been used as a show cave since 1834. The Sophienhöhle, which has been electrically illuminated since 1971, is one of the most beautiful show caves in Germany with its three large sections and winding corridors. It has rich stalactite jewelry with stately sintered curtains and basins.

The cave forms with three other caves, the Ahornloch, the Klaussteinhöhle and the Höschhöhle, a cave system that is known as the Klaussteinhöhlen complex. She is a member of the Jurahöhle adventure world.

Guided tours are scheduled every 30min during the opening hours of the cave. If you want to take a look on your own, considere booking Sophie at Night, after official opening hours. You will be able to explore the cave on your own.