Binghöhle 2021

The most beautiful show cave in Bavaria.

The Bing Cave is a natural karst cave near Streitberg, a district of the Upper Franconian community Wiesenttal in the Forchheim district (Bavaria). The cave reaches in the Franconian dolomite of the Malm Beta up to 60m below the surface of the earth and is the only one of the Franconian caves in stratified limestone. It represents a now dry river cave, which was once flowed through by a feeder of the Wiesent, which then flowed higher.

The Bing Cave is part of the Jurahöhle adventure world. It was discovered in 1905 by the entrepreneur Ignaz Bing from Nuremberg, after whom it is also named, and has been run as a show cave since 1906. Since a walk through the Bing Cave shows the most diverse stalactite formations in the immediate vicinity, the term stalactite gallery cave is used.

The cave is a bit hard to find, parking lot is available. Currently, small groups can enter the cave every 10 minutes. Last entry is ~16:30. Guided tours are available on request. A walk through the cave takes ~45minutes.