Wolfsklamm (Stans Austria) 2021

Wolfsklamm - Wolf´s Gorge
The Wolf´s Gorge, located near the austrian village of Stans is a wildly romantic gorge with a total length of about ~3km (~2 miles). The hiking trails and the over 320, mostly wooden, stairs are in a good condition. The dimensions of the gorge in it´s depth are hard to grip from the two dimensional pictures, but 30m, 40m, 50m (90-150ft) deep gorge feels monumental. It is part of the Alpenpark Karwendel (Alpine nature reserve Karwendel). At the end of the gorge you will find a beautiful wier. About 300 up the path their is the St. George monastery. This part of the trail is a segment of the Way of St. James. The round-trip is a hike of about 3 hours, during Corona the Gorge is a one way passage and hikers have to walk back to parking location in Stans on one of two ways aorund the gorge. Overall a fantastic walk, especially on hot latesommer days, where the gorge is fresh and cool.