Festivals, Tours and Music Events

A collection of events held between 2006 and 2015 I was invited to take pictures. Starting with the Canon 20D, later Canon 40D, than Canon 5D MK II.

Live am Lagerfeuer II 2014

Live am Lagerfeuer - The Licherklang Festival - Allerseelen, Traum´er Leben, Árnica

Apokalyptikfolk 2008

Black Eastern 2011

Rose Rovine e Amanti, Sol Invictus, Sieben

Circus of Death - Berlin 2013

Dark Dance 17 - 2006

Covenat, Kirlian Camera, Faun, Diorama

Dark Dance 18 2006

Dark Dance Treffen: Das Ich, Combichrist, The Birthday Massacre...

Dark Dance 19 2006

Dark Dance: Witt, Suicide Commando

Dark Dance 25

Dark Dance: Rome, Hocico

Dark Dance 26

Dark Dance: Phillip Boa, Kiew, Invincible Spirit

Eisleben 2011

Eisleben - what an event. Police and local politicians tried to stop that show til the very last moments.

Festival Mediaval 2009

Annual medieval and Irish folk festival in Selb.

Festival Mediaval 2010

Annual medieval and Irish folk festival in Selb.

Festival Mediaval 2011

Annual medieval and Irish folk festival in Selb.

Feuerschwanz WGT 2009

Medieval Music? Feuerschwanz making a joke out of it. Fun and Party music with a medieval touch. Pictures taken at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.

Forseti Lebt 2019

Forseti Lebt ein Solidaritätskonzert für Andreas R. mit Vrimuot, Traum´er Leben, Stein, Orplid, Fire + Ice

Gernotshagen WGT 2011

Thuringian Pagan Metal as it should be. Gernotshagen on live on stage at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.

In Gowan Ring - Wave Gotik Treffen 2012

Mera Luna 2005

Cruxshadows, Hocico, Subway to Sally, Deine Lakaien, Sisters of Mercy...

Mithras Garden 2008

Mithras Garden 2009

Mithras Garden 2010

Only the Sun knows 2014

It was the hottest day of the year, easily 40C°. My wife joined another festival so I has solo at the show. The lineup was Ô Paradise, In Gowan Ring, "Arbeit-Beauchamp-Palûmbo", (r), Nebelung, NG, and Sangre de Muerdago.

Pagan Folk Fest 2007

Pagan Folk Fest mit Faun, Sieben, In Gowan Ring

Runes and Men 2012

Runes and Men 2014

Wave Gotik Treffen 2005

Scary Bitches, Wolfmond, Bloody Dead and Sexy, In Extremo, Faun and Mond Nazi Docu.

Wave Gotik Treffen 2010

Wave Gotik Treffen 2014